Your Dream Wedding, Our Italian Charm

Wedding Event Venue Burlington

A Venue as Special as Your Vows

At DiMario’s Trattoria, we specialize in making wedding celebrations a reflection of the extraordinary love they honour. Our venue is more than just a setting; it’s a canvas of timeless elegance, ready to be transformed into the perfect backdrop for your special day. Infused with the warmth and charm of Italian hospitality, we ensure every moment is steeped in romance and sophistication.

Elegance and Love Intertwined

Our professional team appreciates the profound importance of your wedding and is committed to realizing your vision down to the finest detail. From crafting personalized menus that showcase the best of Italian cuisine to ensuring every facet of the decor resonates with your style, our goal is to orchestrate an unforgettable wedding experience. Join us at DiMario’s Trattoria, and let us weave your love story into an enchanting celebration, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Absolutely! We have a team of baking experts specializing in high-end confectionery to make unique cakes and pastries to suit your every need.

There is no minimum number of guests, so if you want an intimate reception or a larger-than-life party, we are the right choice.

Each event is unique and depends on several factors, including time of the year, size, purpose, menu, and more. Usually, we recommend booking events at least a month in advance, for smaller receptions, and up to six months for more special occasions like weddings.

Our team is ready to help you plan your special day to perfection. We also have a list of trusted partners to help you get specific services, like decoration, entertainment, and more.

Certainly. Our chef and his stellar team are ready to deal with specific needs including dietary restrictions, personal preferences, and religious demands. Talk to our staff to discuss the perfect menu for that special occasion.